Henry: Arsenal should use Sanchez more sparingly

The Chile international was taken off against Norwich City with a hamstring injury and the former Gunners' star laid the blame at his punishing schedule

30.11.2015 09:57:50

Arsenal favourite Thierry Henry has criticised his former club for overworking Alexis Sanchez following the forward's injury.  The Chile international has been almost ever-present for both club and country in the current season, racking up over 1000 minutes of Premier League playing time so far.  Norwich City 1-1 Arsenal His game against Norwich City, however, ended after an hour, as he was taken off with a hamstring injury.  "Obviously if you ask Alexis Sanchez if he is OK, he is going to say yes. If a guy says no then he might as well leave the club. You are there to play," Henry said to Sky Sports.  "But I think you almost don't have to ask him anything if you want to rest him. You need to go out and say nothing or, 'I'm resting you today and that's the way it is'. "Again, I personally wouldn't have liked that when I was a player, but you take it on the chin and see the bigger picture because you want to be out there and play the whole season. The former Arsenal and Barcelona player had criticised manager Arsene Wenger for not subbing Alexis towards the end of an easy Champions League victory midweek.  And after Sunday's 0-0 draw, he reiterated his concerns. "Yes, it was difficult to rest him today because you want to win, but I go back to the Zagreb game. With 20 minutes to go at 3-0, you can give him a little rest," he pointed out. "Obviously I would like to think the 14 hours travelling, playing away with Chile for the World Cup in South America, doesn't help. "Now we can all say the same thing. If he played today and he scored he would have said, 'I was right to play him', but he got an injury so we are obviously going to say he should have rested him."

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