What Ronaldo thinks: I need people to hate me

The Real Madrid star says he "needs the enemy" to motivate him and spoke of his respect for former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson

31.10.2015 17:28:38

Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted he is not a "humble" person and says he needs people to hate him in order to motivate him. The Real Madrid star has a reputation for being a vain and egotistical personality, which has seen him become a divisive figure in world football. Ronaldo, though, says he likes the animosity he generates among fans and feels the hatred spurs him on. "I am not the humblest person in the world, I admit that," he told The Times. "I am not fake. But I like to learn. "I don't mind people hating me, because it pushes me. When I go to play away they are always against me, but it's good. "You have to see the good things from the haters. I need the enemy. It is part of the business. They start screaming when I touch the ball. "It had started already when I was 18 or 19. It is not a problem for me. It is a motivation." The Portuguese attacker enjoyed six prosperous years at Manchester United before earning a €94 million move to Madrid. And Ronaldo says he remains thankful to Sir Alex Ferguson for the support he showed around the death of the player's father. "When my daddy was dying, he was in a hospital in London, and it was not good. I said to Sir Alex Ferguson, 'Coach, I want to go'. It was a crucial moment of the season. "But Ferguson said: 'Football doesn't mean anythnig compared to your dad. If you want to go, go'. "I will always appreciate that."

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