Luis Enrique : Barcelona as perfect as possible

The coach admits it would be pedantic to look for flaws in his side's win over PSG and says he is delighted to see Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich progress

22.04.2015 10:15:54

Barcelona were as close to perfect as possible in their 2-0 triumph over Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday, according to head coach Luis Enrique. Neymar got both goals for the Catalans at Camp Nou as they put to bed any distant hopes that Laurent Blanc's men could find their way back into the tie having lost 3-1 at Parc des Princes last week. Luis Enrique - who now has the best record of a Barca coach after 50 games, with 42 victories - refrained from describing Barca's performance as flawless but says it would be harsh to critique his team at all. "If we were fussy I'm sure I could find something wrong," he told reporters when asked if that was the perfect Barca performance. "But if I wasn't fussy, it would be hard to deny the players carried out the game-plan as perfectly as possible. "It was brilliant to see the attitude of the players, the pressure we applied in the attacking half, the chances we created... It was a good team effort and good news for Catalunya. "But coaches always complain and can find room for improvement; a placid team is in danger of not foreseeing complications and can lose focus. "La Liga is still difficult because we have Real Madrid fighting us for it. In the Champions League there will be three other teams able to win. In the Copa del Rey we face Athletic Bilbao who have a history of causing us problems. "It would be very silly of me to think this is mission accomplished - the goal is to be in the Champions League final now. We've reached what I saw as the minimum requirement but now we need to get to the final." Barca could be drawn against Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich - who hammered Porto on Tuesday to reach the final four - and Luis Enrique praised the former Camp Nou coach for being so ruthless with a shoestring squad. "I'm very happy that Bayern won, I like to see good things happen for my friends, like Pep," he added. "Scoring six against top-class opposition with numerous injuries to your first team demonstrates what a coach Pep is and what a team he has."

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